When some people grow up how come their face looks different?

So i just met my old friend. guess what ..they didnt recognize me ;(  i wonder how much i’ve changed now. I think i still look the same .


They keep saying that i look different and ask me if i ever make a plastic surgery- lol i have no money okay.i’m broken af since birth .

Well there are lots of reasons why we look different as we grown up. Firstly your bones are continually growing when you are a child until you are a young adult, and bones may change their shape slightly so that can cause someone to look different.

when we are younger, we aren’t done growing or developing yet. As well as getting larger and changing shape as we grow older, our faces also go through a lot of changes at puberty (around our early teenage years).

The influx of hormones to our bodies changes the structure of our face (the bone shape and size) and it affects the soft tissue too (the muscles, skin, fat, hair, etc). This is a point in time when people see big differences as we begin to look more ‘manly’ or ‘womanly’ instead of like children – so even though everyone looks different as kids, we look even more different as adults!


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