Start your day with sakura Bloom. :  )


As an introvert I admit that I have my struggles with social activities.Most people think that im a weirdo because i dont like going to parties or clubs. This can be problematic because many doors stay closed when you don’t “fit in”. It’s an extrovert’s world.


I don’t really care to chat to people in person, but I will if I ”test it out” and see their personality for myself. I’ve been introverted since I was a young teen  and did horrible in school because I kept getting easily distracted by every little movement and sound.

I can only socialize for 5 minutes, mostly with my mother, because she talks and talks and talks, and mostly about things I find boring or just gossips about yawnful stuff. I do prefer a 1 on 1 chat in person with someone, no group chats. I’m also very very shy, have social anxiety, low self esteem, and almost no confidence…you can only imagine the fun fun with all that crap lol


I know that i am not the only one feel this way.I know that alot of people actually can totally relate to this. Even my oshi,, On episode of Mujack featuring Yamamoto Sayaka and Takahashi Minami, Miyawaki Sakura relates her lonely existence.(its sad to know that she is actually/secretly a loner too :'((   )

On that Episode, Takamina, Sayanee, and Sakura are starting to eat, when Takamina asks,

“Who do you normally eat with?”

Sakura replies, “I’m always alone.”  It’s then that Sakura tells them the fact that she goes almost everywhere by herself.  Almost immediately after, Sayanee simply asks, “Do you have any friends?”

It’s then Sakura reveals: “I have no friends.”


Takamina lightens the mood by scolding Sayanee, and it’s then Sakura presents some of her reasons for friendlessness.

“It’s easier being by myself.”  Sakura also started HKT48 when she was in middle, so she apparently also has no former friends from high school, and none in her hometown of Kagoshima.


Osakan’s are known for their friendliness, so it’s no surprise when Sayanee says, “We’re friends from today!”



Sakura is such a strong and mature,i can’t stop looking her as a role model. ^^

Moving to a new city for work without knowing anyone from the region may seem scary,but sooner or later you can find those friends in your workplace that’ll make you feel welcomed..


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